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Travel Advice

Travel Advice


elaxation, business or both, whatever your reason for travelling, it is as well to take into account certain factors, so as to better organize your trip and ensure that everything goes smoothly. Below, we suggest ten important things to do before traveling. You should definitely take care to book a room or apartment in good time. Don't expect to find a room on your arrival at the port or airport. If you have a medical condition, which needs special precautions, consult your doctor before you travel. If you are traveling to a country outside the European Union you will definitely need a passport. If you already have a passport, check to see that it has not expired, otherwise take care to renew it. In case you do not have a passport you will need to apply for one. The responsible issuing authorities are the relevant Greek Police Departments. It is a good idea to keep the necessary documents on your person rather than in a suitcase. In order to cover yourself in case of loss though, we advise you to make a photocopies of your identity card, passport, visa, and credit cards and keep them in your suitcase. If you are going on a long car journey, you should make frequent stops (at least every two hours) and be sure to drink plenty of fluids. Consult web pages to check the weather forecast, so that you can make sure you pack suitable clothing, and are not inconvenienced by bad weather conditions. The fewer things you take with you, the more relaxed you will be, and you will have your hands free. Note down all necessary phone numbers in case of emergencies. Whatever your destination, obtain a travel guide and a map of the city. This way you will be sure that not only will you not miss any special attractions of the city, but also you will not get lost. On your arrival, devote a little time to adjusting to the new environment you will be staying in. Bon voyage!

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